At Zelaki Leather Company, we believe that partnership is a far more powerful tool than charity. When we grew beyond our own crafting capabilities, our eyes shifted to Ethiopia, Demeke’s home country!


Ethiopia has so much to offer, including a young and abundant workforce as well as some of the world’s finest leather. There are many businesses who have perfected their craft and are simply waiting for an invitation to the table. Our mission is to connect with those small businesses, working and growing together.


When shopping our Ethiopian-made collections, you can trust that every product has been ethically and sustainably produced in workshops that we have personally toured. Our Ethiopian partners focus on quality products, honest business practices, and exceptional employee care.

We want our products to be equally beneficial for the consumer AND the creator.
In addition to partnering with Ethiopian makers, we donate a portion of every sale to KIBIR Consultants, an organization training and equipping Entrepreneurs in Ethiopia.


When you shop with us, you’re not only investing in a product that will last, but also in the lives of our friends across the globe.