Amharic // zeh-la-key

(adj.) the quality of lasting or enduring over a long period of time; maintaining strength


our business was born

Our journey began at local farmer's markets, selling our handmade quilted goods and leather journals under the name of "Polka Dot Jo".


Our Product Line expanded

As the business grew, so did our passion for leatherwork. In April of 2021, we added an industrial sewing machine to the shop and began crafting purses.


we Rebranded

With a shift in product and vision, we decided it was time for some change. In February of 2022, we ended the "Polka Dot Jo" era and began opperating under the name Zelaki Leather Company.


Ethiopian partnerships

When our dreams became bigger than our workshop could handle, we partnered with small businesses in Ethiopia to assist in the crafting process. You can read more about our impact here!