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Article: Growth & Change

Growth & Change

Growth & Change

Hello friends! There have been a lot of changes taking place over the last few months, so I (Aubrey) wanted to catch you up to speed.

In September of 2022, Demeke and I spent a few weeks in Ethiopia (Demeke’s home country). This trip was a lovely mix of business and pleasure, spending time with family as well as exploring and learning about the leather industry in the capital city, Addis Ababa.

We began meeting with fellow leather crafters, discussing the potential of working together. After much searching, we found two businesses whose missions and love-of-leather matched with our own!

From this point on, the majority of our purses will be made by these Ethiopian owned-and-operated businesses. I will still be the primary designer, just now with more hands to bring those designs to life! This has been a goal of ours from the very beginning, and we’re thrilled to be at a point where we can carry our impact a little further.

When shopping our Ethiopian-made collections, you can trust that every product has been ethically and sustainably produced in workshops that we have personally toured. Our Ethiopian partners focus on quality products, honest business practices, and exceptional employee care.

In addition to these partnerships, we’ve also begun importing leather for the goods made here. This will only improve our products, as Ethiopian leather is world-known for it’s incredible quality. This change is already underway, but may be a few months before we’re fully transitioned to all Ethiopian leather.

We are grateful for the support team (that’s you!) who have surrounded us and made these dreams possible. Our goal is to continue growing, and in doing so, impact more and more lives.

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Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand

Hey there! My name is Aubrey (I'm in the center of the photo below), and I run this shop with the help of my mom, Joanne (left), and my husband, Demeke (right).   We’ve always been dreamers...

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